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Quick slot key changing. General MapleStory Forum Talk about MapleStory in general doodapad. Well, I have seen many people with altered Quick Slots* that dont have the original keys, and instead they have other keys. ... On the Keyboard Settings, click the green Change Quick Slots button. Jul 04 2011 [AsOne's Battle Mage Event] The Soul of a ... How do I change which keys are shown in the hotkey bar ... In KMS the quick slot settings are under the game settings now, not keyboard settings. I don't have it in English because I don't play SEA, but you might be able to figure it out from this image, it's the option under the cursor, in the third tab "Game", dunno what it translated to in SEA. How would i go about adding additional Quick slots ... Hit the backslash key "\" to open up the full keyboard menu to completely customise your controls (Eg removing the cash shop button from the "~" key). That menu also lets you change which keys appear in the hotkey display area giving you complete freedom to put whatever functions on whichever buttons.

MapleStory Keybinds. Finally try switching from the standard wasd keys for hotkeys to some other keys since a lot of games provide their own drivers for the controls. by using an unassigned key (like an alt-F for example or even one of the numpad keys) you may find you can at least verify that your script works inside the game.

November 2016 – Mesos are the in-game currency of MapleStory and are used for all NPC and player to player transactions. Mesos can be obtained in many ways including monster drops, selling items to NPCs, completing quests and trading with other players. This MapleStory Meso guide aims to provide simple, easy and quick methods to make Mesos in MapleStory. How does Maple Guide work? – MapleStory How does Maple Guide work? Senior GM Atquei - July 26, 2017 17:06 Maple Guide is a new system designed to help players Lv. 10 - Lv. 140 navigate through quests and hunting fields.

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Through the interface, you can check your name, level, HP and MP. You can see the chat window within the game. On the right, you’ll see the Quick Slot where you can put your favorite skill. Click on MENU or press ESC during the game to access the Game Menus such as System Option and Game Option, and also to choose to quit the game.

Forums: Index Help desk Remap quick slots Is there a way to remap the quickslot keys from the number keys to mouse keys? The setting in game doesn't allow it. Thanks. You need to map the BIOInput.ini file that is located in your documents folder (x:\Documents and Settings\[username]\My... Solved: How do I customize the Action Keys? - HP Support ... Solved: I'm working on a G62-320CA that has five actions keys on the left side (mail, media, web browser, print, and calculator). How do I customize - 379207 How to get started | MapleStory If you forget your PIC, you will be able to reset it by selecting Reset Your PIC from the Support section of the MapleStory site. Follow the link to complete the reset process. Occasionally, you will be prompted to change your PIC. It is recommended that you reset it on a semi-regular basis, to keep your account secure.

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Maplestory 2: How to change quickslot page - PwrDown Nov 09, 2018 · Plus, don’t forget to check out our other Maplestory 2 guides right here at Pwrdown! Quick change . Quickslot pages are easy to find and easy to use. Navigate your way to the bottom of the main screen, and look at the left-hand side of the health bar. In between your slots you should find a small number with arrow symbols either side of it. Quick slots to swap items quickly :: The Forest General Jun 19, 2014 · Quick slots to swap items quickly. If you can't, then you're going to die because you tried to lay out *everything* in your backpack on the ground just to pick up one molotov. You don't have to have an overlay on the screen all the time, or even at all. Just map items to a few keys, maybe 1, 2, 3, 4.

This guide is based on our previous article about Afterland. You can find some tips on how to get all keys in Afterland. All keys must be done in written order, also do not use the keys one you get them, they will be needed for another quest. If quest does not appears then leave the land and enter back in. 1. [Updated] v.178 - V: Limitless Patch Notes | MapleStory The Character Name Change Coupon can also be purchased from the Cash Shop for 15,000 NX, starting later in December. Your new name will be applied instantly after you log out and log back in to MapleStory. You can only change your character's name once per week. Be sure to give your new name some thought! ADDITIONAL UPDATES Bug Fixes